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FantasyDraft is a newer DFS (daily fantasy sports) site that offers a great referral program where you earn a commission every time a referral of yours plays!  It’s a nice opportunity if you’re interested in making money in fantasy football!

Take a look at the 2-minute video below to get a quick jist of how it the referral program works!


All you have to do is sign up using my referral link! That will generate your referral link so you can start referring friends and earning commission every time they play!!

Keep in mind: you’re not asking anybody to do anything out of the ordinary.  You’re simply recommending they try this newer site instead of using Draft Kings or Fanduel.

“What’s the benefit of FantasyDraft… why would anyone switch when they’re already comfortable where they’re playing now?  I mean… Draft Kings and FanDuel have this market on lockdown!”

Well, aside from the great opportunity to earn money in fantasy football, FantasyDraft also has really nice overlays because of the fact that it’s fairly new.

“What’s an overlay?”

Check out the collage I made below…
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In the picture above, please notice the following:
-The amount of entries (2,229/10,000)
-The top 2,500 places in the contest are in the Payout Zone!

That’s what overlay is!!  This contest’s prize pool had a guaranteed payout… even though only 2,229 people entered!  That means that in this example, if you were one of the people who registered, you won money just for playing – a FREE contest!  You could have literally filled out a lineup with guys who weren’t even playing, and walked away $5 richer!  I, myself, won $20 in this contest!

The point of my explaining the overlays isn’t to sell you on the dream of winning free cash – it’s to drill home with you the fact that this is a newer site… and there are not as many people to play against when playing in these DFS contests.

Simply put: By playing against less people, math dictates you have a higher probability to win.

I’m sure you’ve gotten comfortable with other sites, and there’s nothing wrong with them.  But why try and scrounge up a beautiful meal at a crowded buffet that’s already been picked over?  I’d rather check out the fresh new joint across the road and have what I please.

Again – from here, you’d sign up using my referral link.  That will generate your link for you so you can start building your team.  Once you sign up, please get in touch with me so I can help you along the way!  Here is my link – I look forward to having you on my team!!

Side Note: FantasyDraft is endorsed by well-known stars like Jimmy Johnson, Drew Brees, TY Hilton, Jordy Nelson – and many more!

Again, this is totally free to sign up – and you will only spend money on this site if you decide to play yourself.  However, you can still build a team and earn money while never even playing!!

Hit me up on Twitter if you’d like to discuss FantasyDraft!! @FFcouchcoach

ffcc - ffcouchcoach - fantasydraft