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NFC North: Team Tendencies & Trends

My 2017 NFL draft review on team trends continues with the NFC North.  Two things to note.  First, inclement weather (e.g. rain, sleet, snow) becomes more prevalent in this division later in the season.  Stadium locations make this somewhat obvious.  … Continue reading...


NFC South: Team Tendencies & Trends

The 2017 NFL draft left both fans and analysts asking the same questions.  How will each prospect be used?  Is their landing spot a good fit?  To try and answer this, each division will be reviewed through the lens of … Continue reading...


The Investigation of Fantasy Football QB Performance in High Winds: Understanding the Value of Someone like Jesus…Smith

“Divorce the name from the player.”  “Evaluate the performance objectively.”  “Don’t focus on the label on the back of the jersey.”  Think of all the seemingly irrational catch phrases or idioms given by fantasy analysts.  At first, it doesn’t make … Continue reading...


The Importance of Podcasts in the Fantasy Football Community

Over the past five years, there has been a huge increase in the number of fantasy football podcasts available to interested fans.

What started off as a weekly or bi weekly endeavor in redraft exclusively, many podcasts are now five … Continue reading...