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Team Tendencies and Trends: The AFC South

Team previews and dives into historical trends continue with the AFC South division.  Quite a few narratives to keep in mind.  Half of the teams play in domes.  The Texans addressed their need at quarterback.  Also, Andrew Luck still isn’t … Continue reading...


Team Tendencies and Trends: AFC North

Team previews and trends continue with the AFC North division.  Previous articles highlighted preliminary thoughts and skill position usage for the Bengals and Steelers.  But here, we dive a bit into measurables, combine performance, and college usage for deeper analysis.  … Continue reading...

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NFC East: Team Tendencies & Trends

My thoughts on possible 2017 trends for the rookie class and their potential impact continues with the NFC East.  Within the division, multiple high-powered offenses exist, and there’s only one dome stadium between the four teams.  Inclement East Coast weather … Continue reading...