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Think you have the fantasy football chops to draft the team that survives season-long elimination??

Welcome to the #FFCC200

Turn $20 into $200!!

Yep, it’s just like how it sounds!  It’s a superflex league in a survivor pool format!!  In traditional survival pools, you pay a league fee, and you choose a team per week.  If you choose correctly, you advance in the tournament.  If you lose… you’re outta here!!

The same principals apply in the #FFCC200 – except there’s a 3-strike rule… see below for details!!

This is how the league rules are going to play out!

12-Team Draftmaster Superflex Elimination-Style League
No Trading, No Lineups, No Waivers!!ffcouchcoach.com - #FFCC200 - format

Here are the lineup settings.  SEXY SUPERFLEXY!!

ffcouchcoach.com - #FFCC200 - lineup

This is a bestball redraft fantasy football league you want to be a part of!

Here’s how the scoring works!!
ffcouchcoach - FFCC - #FFCC200 - scoring

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