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“Who should I start this week in my flex spot? Gio Bernard or Jeremy Hill?”
“I just got sent a really scary trade offer in dynasty… should I take it, make a counter-offer, or just reject it?”

Does this sound like you?  Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a reliable source of NFL Fantasy Football advice when you desperately needed an answer?!  I have been in situations where I needed fantasy football advice such as the above examples.  When I would send one of the fantasy gurus on Twitter a message, those questions would go unanswered pretty much every time.

What if…

…you had a reliable source to go to for your fantasy football advice?  Someone who actually got back to you?!

“WOW! What a concept!”

That’s right!  Fantasy Football advice when-you-need-it! I’m not going to save your question and use it as material for an upcoming article (I may actually do this, but my point is I WILL get back to you!).  I won’t neglect to try and offer you a solution so that I can talk about it on my podcast (I don’t actually have a podcast, but you catch my drift!).  As soon as I see your question…

…I – Will – Get – Back – To – You!!

You will get an answer from me in a timely manner! AND you’ll get a brief explanation as to why I would make the move I’m suggesting!

“This sounds amazing!  You’re a super nice guy, CouchCoach!!  What is this awesomeness gonna cost me?!”

NOTHING!! Zero, zip, zilch… nadda!

All you need to do is enter your email address below, hit ‘Add Me!’, and you will be included on an exclusive list of individuals who will receive this amazing fantasy football advice service – absolutely 100% FREE!  All you have to do is enter your email!


This offer is not going to last!  Because I want to be able to get back to everyone in a timely manner, I can only accept so many people into this program.  Get yourself on this list NOW while you still can!

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