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Team Tendencies and Trends: AFC North

Team previews and trends continue with the AFC North division.  Previous articles highlighted preliminary thoughts and skill position usage for the Bengals and Steelers.  But here, we dive a bit into measurables, combine performance, and college usage for deeper analysis.  … Continue reading...


The Investigation of Fantasy Football QB Performance in High Winds: Understanding the Value of Someone like Jesus…Smith

“Divorce the name from the player.”  “Evaluate the performance objectively.”  “Don’t focus on the label on the back of the jersey.”  Think of all the seemingly irrational catch phrases or idioms given by fantasy analysts.  At first, it doesn’t make … Continue reading...

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Fantasy Football Investigation of QB Performance In High Winds: The Distribution Study

While making my way through college, music was the easiest way for me to concentrate.  From 7:30 in the morning until 8:00 at night as I trudged home from the library, my headphones would be blaring whatever set of tracks … Continue reading...